Wholesale Online is a culmination of various ideas that have finally come together after more than 20 years.

Even though I am nearly half a century old, like many many others out there, I have struggled a lot with the purpose of my life. I have only recently realised what this purpose is.

In my opinion, purpose equals happiness. And I realised that the thing that makes me the happiest, is being in service of others. 

So how do I serve people with a website?

Easy. Use the experienced I have gained in the last 20 years to create something extraordinary that solves a real problem and REALLY helps others, without making it expensive to utilise.

Wholesale Online is a digital platform that allows Wholesalers in South Africa to immediately sell their products to buyers, online, without any upfront costs. 

Wholesale Online:

  • Removes the need for Wholesalers to build their own websites and all the pitfalls associated with this.
  • Removes the need to manage all the hundreds of small little things that makes a website effective.
  • Removes the need for Payment Gateway Management.
  • Removes the need for figuring out a Shipping Strategy and managing that strategy effectively.
  • Removes the need for an extensive Marketing Strategy.

However, the items listed above is only the start of the Wholesale Online process. The aim of the website is to over deliver when it comes to effectiveness.

Watch this space for all the exciting features that will be added in future.